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Trial: The “Very Kind Young Man” Who Courted Meredith “Very Sweetly”

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That is the description at trial last saturday of Giacomo Silenzi, by Meredith’s roomie, Filomena.

He lived downstairs from Meredith. Giacomo will testify today, along with his own roomies from downstairs

He was away from Perugia when the crime took place. His apartment was empty - and broken-into.

The explanation is not yet in the public domain. One of the many mysteries still to be unlocked.

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I am surprised that Stefano, who lived downstairs from Meredith, was not questioned about the mysterious break in (if any) in their apartment.

Amanda’s 4th Nov 07 email says she was taken by the police to the appartment below the day before.

She says that Giacomo and Marco’s room were clean, because they cleaned the whole place before going on holiday. However, Stefano’s bed was not made and there was just a quilt bunched up at the top of the bed with blood on it.

The only other reference I’ve read about the apartment below is where Rudy claims to have seen Amanda’s ‘outline’ at the gate, from Filomena’s window, in the immediate aftermath of the murder. He says the he heard the guy with the knife running downstairs.

Sollecito: A family of detectives

This is the title of the Panorama piece.

No fundraisers etc. here, they are trying to prove that the Nike shoes wore by Raffaele had seven circles on the sole, whilst the killer’s shoes had 11. Also, that the DNA evidence was contaminated.

However, they have got themselves in trouble for:

1. Releasing a picture of the body to the local TV station, father admits that it was a move that ‘boomeranged’.

2. Having a phone conversation intercepted where they dicussed getting the 2 top police ingestigators transfered and getting help from senatore Nello Formisano ... since he owed a favour to Vanessa (the sister)

3. Aunt Sara then leaves a message for the then Minister of Justice, Clemente Mastella. He calls back and she asks if she can send the documents she has collected on the case, could she see him. All came to nothing, since the Minister’s wife was arrested 3 day later and he resigned.

Aunt Sara, made calls to the Vice President of the Senate, Domenico Nania .... she had worked for 7 years for his party and knew him personally, he fixed them up with lawyer Giulia Bongiorno, who had defended 7 times prime minister Giulio Andreotti.

This is what the prosecutor was referring to when he said you can expect interference from Italy (he calls them the Sollecito Clan), but not from the USA. Raffeale’s dad is as unrepentant as the AK supporters about trying to influence (pervert) the course of justice.

Despite what he has done, it does seem that Rudy, with his ‘legal aid’ lawyers, doesn’t have the level of support as AK and RS?

He says he won’t testify against AK and RS because ’ they’ll beleive me if I testify against AK and RS, but not if I say I’m innocent’.

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