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Trial: Saturday Morning, Meredith’s Other Italian Roomie Testifies

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Click above for John Follain’s report in the London Times. Several highlights:

1) The strange wound on the kneck:

Amanda Knox, the American student accused of murdering her British housemate Meredith Kercher, had a fresh scratch on her neck after the crime, a witness told an Italian court yesterday.

Laura Mezzetti, another housemate, said she saw the mark on November 2, 2007, a few hours after the body was discovered, while they were waiting to be questioned at a police station.

“Amanda had a wound to her neck. I noticed because it was known Meredith had been killed by a wound to her neck,” said Mezzetti. “She had a scratch to her neck. I was afraid Amanda, too, might have been injured. I was worried and I looked at it really closely.”

She told the court that the scratch, which was just under half an inch long, was bright red. She gestured to show that it was beneath Knox’s chin.

Mezzetti said she had not seen the scratch when she had eaten breakfast with Knox at their cottage two days earlier….

Asked why she had failed to mention the scratch when she had spoken to the police, Mezzetti said she thought everybody else would have noticed it.

2) Sollecito’s belated calls to the Perugia police station

The court heard recordings of two phone calls that Sollecito made to the police.

“Someone has gone into the house by breaking the window. The door is locked. There are bloodstains in the bathroom,” Sollecito said in a flat tone at 12.51pm.

In a second call three minutes later he sounded alarmed. “The door of the bedroom of one of the housemates is closed and there are traces of blood in the bathroom,” he said.

Sollecito says he made the call before officers arrived at the cottage, but the prosecution claims this is disproved by the timing of the calls.

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After reading in “Trial Saturday Morning: Meredith’s Other Italian Roomie Testifies” posted February 14th, of Laura Mezetti’s testimony that Amanda Knox had a scratch on her neck the morning after the murder, I spent some time looking for a picture taken that morning which had a view of Amanda’s neck.

I didn’t find one. But while reading “So the Trial Date IS Postponed, Now It’s 16 January” posted by Peter Quennell on November 25, 2008, and following the link in the comment posted by Socrates42 at 4:17 the same day: I was surprised to find such a picture.

About 1/4 and again about 3/4 of the way into the video, there is a picture of Amanda Knox and Rafaelle Sollecito in front of the cottage on the day the murder was discovered in which Amanda’s neck is clearly visible. I leave it to others to decide whether there is a scratch.

Posted by beans on 05/07/09 at 02:34 AM | #

Beans, was it your intention to link to THAT video to try to prove your point? Even we have never linked to that video!

The photo that shows the cut or abrasion has been repeatedly posted on the Perugia Murder File forum.  The question now is not so much “was there such a mark” as there clearly was. The question is more one of how did it happen. That’s one for the jury to decide.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/07/09 at 03:04 AM | #

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