Friday, June 05, 2009

Today The Media Picks Up On Meredith’s Tragically Evocative Music Video

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New traffic for the proliferating copies of this music video below is already up in the many thousands.

The great Italian newspaper Corriere and various others are today running it on their own websites. The Daily Mail has a report on it.

And Sky News today (click above for their story) had this to say:

Meredith appears as the enigmatic love interest in the song called Some Say by London-born musician Kristian Leontiou.

The 2007 video was shot just weeks before the 21-year-old was sexually assaulted, stabbed and left to bleed to death in her bedroom in the Italian town of Perugia.

The video starts mysteriously, with dim lighting and Meredith walking down the stairs of what appears to be a church.

She then pushes through double doors and looks directly at the camera while the band’s frontman sings the words “I’ll be on my way… show me where the answers lay”.

As the video progresses the lighting level rises and it turns to full colour before snow lands gently on Meredith’s dark hair.

Francesco Maresca, the Kercher family’s Italian lawyer, said: “The singer in the music video was a friend of Meredith’s.

“I don’t know exactly what the relationship was between the singer and Meredith, but I believe they were in the same group of friends.”

Although the video was posted just days after Meredith’s death 18 months ago, her involvement in the video was only recently revealed by her family.

And well-wishers are already using the video’s comment box to leave messages for the murdered Leeds University student.

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