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Running On A Mudslide, The Seemingly Freaked Sollecito Team Tries Again Not To Be Overwhelmed

Posted by Peter Quennell

Sollecito just lost big in a way we are asked not to post about just yet. Italian media has made no mention of it.

This request, rare from the open Italian system, has been made a few times before in this case, to try to block corruption and dishonest PR before they can get up to speed.

Meanwhile, it is safe to assume that a great unraveling of the huge body of lies must be freaking the Sollecito and Knox team’s minds.  A new development that the Italian media IS reporting suggests this is so.

By way of context, Guede is now out on parole but has some time still to serve, including three years awarded by the Florence court for possession of stolen property, a notebook computer taken by two persons still unknown from a law-firm in Perugia, late in 2007.

(There is zero hard evidence that Guede ever did any break-and-entering, ever, and he has never been charged or convicted of that.)

His Rome team has filed a Supreme Court appeal against the Florence court’s decision not to grant him a retrial for grounds based on the 2015 Supreme Court outcome of the Sollecito and Knox appeal which said in part (1) Guede did not act alone and (2) Knox and Sollecito were both there.

And his interview broadcast nationally by RAI could be followed up by a book damning to RS and AK. 

Okay. Now the Italian news service ANSA reports this.

“Once he has finished his full term in prison, Rudy Guede must be expelled from Italy” the lawyer Luca Maori, one of the defenders of Raffaele Sollecito, has asked.

The Ivorian these days is in Perugia, at the home of his former elementary school teacher where he is taking advantage of a possible reversal of the condemned’s sentenced to 16 years’ imprisonment, which he is serving for the murder of Meredith Kercher.

Sollecito was finally acquitted for the same crime.    “I will ask the police headquarters in Perugia - said Maori - to take steps to undertake the removal procedures of Guede, who is not an Italian citizen, who is now finishing serving his sentence (in prison in Viterbo - Ed.)

Many foreigners are expelled from our country for far less serious offenses to murder for which the Ivorian was sentenced” he said.

Any such expulsion order, considered unlikely, would be put on hold while Guede appeals - and presumably does maximum harm.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/18/17 at 06:01 PM in


Oh good.
Like Nasear I’m still in the shadows of course. Still with any luck i will be able visit Seattle soon. of course it would not surprise me if I’m on the no-fly list. That might have it’s basis in paranoia on my part, but considering the American attempts to cover for their little murderer (in spite of evidence to the contrary) it would not surprise me. The prevailing view in Seattle is that “She’s an American citizen therefore innocent.” this kind of shit is prevalent with these small minded Trump supporters.. Of course this is the tenth anniversary and any hope by the forces of evil that we will simply go away will never happen. I am personally quite comfortable with people knowing that if I had any chance of doing Knox harm then I would gladly provide it. Keep up the good work people and thank you. Never stop Never stop

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 03/19/17 at 11:16 PM | #

They want Rudy Guede so not to be there!
Good luck on that one although I lie - how can you ever win?
Haven’t heard Bongiourno screeching just yet.

Bongiourno keeps getting dribs and drabs of money from papa to take the heat off the super wimp.

I suppose she has to believe that he is innocent which in my opinion doesn’t say much about her judgement and I am sure she has discussed this with papa.
Sollecito - Vengence!
More vile than anything in my opinion.
Horrible little murderous mouse.

Posted by Deathfish on 03/20/17 at 04:58 AM | #

Anybody can lie, few people can keep their lies straight for long and no one can hold back the avalanche forever. Knox has been running in her lie treadmill as fast as she can for so long. The end may be a relief. Her constant chants of “Rudy done it. And he acted alone.” If Knox truly wasn’t at the cottage that fateful night. She wouldn’t have known who did it, or whether they were alone. That statement in itself is circumstantial evidence of her guilt. There was never so much as a glimmer of a thought that one day Rudy Guede would be released, and would be free to knock Knox a shot she will feel in Seattle.  He must be aware of the money they got for their books. What better way to set the record straight and better his finances than to write one.
  I don’t know if anyone has given any thought to Rudy’s safety. But if the Sollecito Mafia contacts are still active, and considering all that has been spent to spring their boy thus far. Rudy might just disappear into a large body of water. They had a lot of trouble explaining away the boys last murder, but who knows?

Posted by Travis on 03/20/17 at 05:41 AM | #

I’ve not read guilty Knox or guilty Sollecito’s book. And if Guede wrote a book I wouldn’t read that either. But if he did I would hope that it is also distributed in the US. And so, unlike the Guede interview, guilty Knox isn’t able to just pretend it isn’t there.
Thanks to Chimera I have a good idea what is written in their books. What Knox and Sollecito’s parents were like, how she worked so hard to pay for the trip, how she and Sollecito met, how romantic it was, their plans to go to Gubbio, and how a terrible crime had been committed by the police!
Innocent people who cared for Meredith would surely just want to state the important facts.

Posted by DavidB on 03/21/17 at 03:11 PM | #

Hi, Grahame, yes, it was a bad day for Sollecito in court.

As to Maori asking for Guede to be deported, that signals further desperation on the part of the clan.

Posted by Ergon on 03/21/17 at 09:20 PM | #

It’s great water is now running downhill.  Raff seems to have been deluded that he really would have got the money.  Instead, it is a damning MR under presiding judges Silvia Martuscelli and Paola Masi that underlines the ’ the indisputable presence of Knox in 7 Via della Pergola at the time of the murder’ (10 Feb 2017).

Now it looks as though ‘journalist’ Amanda Knox is now advertising in PYSCHOLOGY TODAY for anyone who was forced in prison to ‘pray to a higher power’, as a violation of their rights.

We know Amanda herself struck up a symbiotic relationship with an elderly priest who let her sit with him for hours.  And then there was the sight of the nun in prison, who was the trigger for Amanda’s lifting of the amnesia and memory loss Amanda suffered as to what she did on the night of the murder.  If you recall, she writes in her Prison Diary, she was asleep the whole time!  And she cried with happiness at the revelation.

This led onto a compulsive obsession with the Beatles’ song, ‘Let it Be’, playing it incessantly in prison, and writing it over and over in her diary and, which apparently, she has added as a tattoo.

The kindly padre gave her the Holy Spirit dove necklace which she wore on her escapexxx jailbreakxxx premature release by Hellmann.

We know the ingrate rudely called out Donald Trump by revealing he paid a substantial amount of her legal fees, but that she despised him.

Next thing we hear is that she worries about ever been POTUS, as now that she has become AN ATHEIST she is worried that she might have to swear on the Bible at her inauguration.  Assuming a person with a criminal record is ever likely to be in such auspicious position…or - ahem! - that a significant number of people would vote for her.

I can’t help wondering what drives her latest research into the supposed violation of prisoners rights.  She claims they have been forced to convert and repent.  Which leads me to the pertinent question.

Could it be, the underlying angst that drives her latest campaign is that…

Amanda Knox confessed her crimes to Fr Saul

...and now she bitterly regrets it?

Whoops!  Obviously, like the police who made her confess to being at the scene and accusing Patrick to cover up for Rudy, the priest and nun forced her to blurt out her sins at confession! 

And now we hear her Bible is ... Harry Potter.

The sacred and the profane.

Posted by KrissyG on 03/22/17 at 05:46 AM | #

Thank you for your excellent analysis KrissyG. Yes, here we have Knox’s inquiry saved as a screenshot for eternity:

Clearly this is a very damning message that she is an atheist indeed. Now, more than ever before, it is abundantly clear that her self-destruction is a daily, ongoing process and finally she will make a full confession to someone close to her or to the general public altogether. Also, take note of her use of “freelance journalist” in her self description. As previously thought, this tells us that she is not a full-time employee of the WSH and is desperately underemployed and uninsured. Why would she be doing this research? Perhaps for another blood money book?

Posted by Johnny Yen on 03/22/17 at 06:13 AM | #

She claims her four years in prison was reversed.

I don’t think so.  One year was on remand, and the other three was for the serious crime of Calunnia, which remains on her criminal record.

Great screenshot, Johnny Yen!

Posted by KrissyG on 03/22/17 at 02:47 PM | #

Thank you for that, DavidB.

Not sure the point of seeking the compensation, as Raffy had to know he’d lose. B/M said he lied repeatedly and still believe he probably did it, or at least was there.  Does he get off on the public attention?  AK does.

AK wrote about her ‘‘lesbian encounter’’ a while back, so she must really be running out of things to write about.  Funny, her ‘‘tell-all’’ book came out 4 years ago and she is desparate to stay in the public eye.

Seriously guys, take your ‘‘win’’ and be done with it.

Posted by Chimera on 03/23/17 at 09:29 AM | #

Good point, Johnny Yen. Carting herself off all over the continent from one innocence conference to the other, is it research for a book? She’ll need a ghostwriter (again), the lady can’t write.

Posted by Ergon on 03/24/17 at 10:42 PM | #

If Rudy writes a book or does the talk-show circuit all over Italy it will be good to see Knox and Raf squirm. Or go mad, if they can go further into madness than they live now. Rudy knows all, and may tell all.

However, Rudy is an inveterate liar so he will have to confirm what he says with many proofs.

Even so he will have Amanda and Raf shaking in their boots and on tenterhooks, as they will be able to spot the perilous truths about their part at the cottage among his many lies.

Should Rudy be deported? Absolutely.

I wish to goodness that Rudy had never entered Italy: Meredith would still be alive!

If Rudy is not an Italian citizen, he has lost all right to remain in Italy. Italy has paid too high a price for having been good to him. I don’t trust him not to reoffend.

If he has dual citizenship, the matter is debatable. If he appeals his deportation order it will delay things, but he has no right to Italy after the crime he committed against their guest.

Similarly the Canadian IT wiz Brad Cooper who killed his wife the jogger in Cary, North Carolina some years ago will be deported back to Canada when he finishes serving his sentence. Goodbye, murderer!

On different note, Knox reaching out to Psychology Today to try to shore up her agitated claims of coercive interrogation as badge abuse, it’s a typical Knox con game.

She’s still angry she couldn’t stand tall in her lies when police pressured her to tell the truth. She’s getting hardened.

The false confessions screech and Saul Kassin junk are the big focus at the exoneree conventions and with the Innocence Project crowd.

Now Hampikian is crowing with joy over the recent release of Chris Tapp who served years for rape and murder in Idaho. He worked on I think it was pubic hair and DNA in Tapp case.

Judges for Justice the baby of Judge Michael Heavey is cheerleading Tapp’s innocence. Steve Moore is, too.



I do not know the Chris Tapp case well. He was convicted of the awful knife murder and rape of Angie Dodge in her apartment.

Knox and Chris Robinson are all over her Facebook playing the role of justice advocates (let me puke), well go for it I say let ‘em rip, let them run all over the country to hoax and lie and make fools of the credible. Let Knox expand her strangely blind following so that when justice emerges at long last and her fans learn unequivocally that Knox is guilty, proven by things she can’t control (maybe by Rudy?) her fawning followers will not be so easily duped in the future by acting skills like hers.

Knox’s disgusting effort to cast blame on the priest and nun and the few kindhearted souls who ministered to her when she was miserable in prison (and eaten up by her own guilt), what’s new? As commenter suggested, did she confess to the priest and now regrets it? She used the nun’s honest remarks to help her concoct her false narrative. Knox loves to lie, and to lay it on thick.

Knox turns on everybody who is good to her. I’m sure Seattle Prep is pleased with her conversion to atheism (that’s probably a lie, too; she’s probably still Wiccan)

after her eagerness to invade their Catholic school (and cause trouble therein). It’s possibly a slap at her mom’s faith, another rebellion.

Meredith was good to her, so Knox wanted to take her down. God will have her in derision.

She lives a lie pretending to be an exoneree. No telling how many lies she spews from the podium of these luncheons and “innocence” gatherings, to the unwary who haven’t the time nor inclination to delve into her case.

Birds of a feather, the wrongdoers protect other wrongdoers in an effort to scrub their conscience. Most baddies hate cops and prosecutors and talk of them using interrogations and polygraphs as rubber hoses. (after stabbing an unarmed victim to death, the perp is very concerned with his own comfort at police station)

I read little of Knox’s tripe from WSH and never her Facebook bologny. Her politics are ridiculous. Her boyfriend is often cursing and literally holding up a finger in his posts. He’s a social climber grabbing onto Knox infamy. She’s a disgrace. Meredith will get justice one day.

Posted by Hopeful on 03/27/17 at 03:49 AM | #

See Knox’s mug on Facebook page at Innocence Project of Florida Facebook. She will be at their spring gala themed “Steppin’ Out with the Innocence Project of Florida” on May 11, 2017 in Tallahassee, FL at Mission San Luis. She will be honored with the Frank Lee Smith Innocence Award. You can contact the Innocence Project of Florida at 850-561-6767 or by email (I don’t have the email address.)

This gala is a fundraiser to get money for innocence litigation.

About Frank Lee Smith, the award in his name:

Frank Lee Smith was released from prison in 1981 after a conviction for murder. In his early teens Smith had been convicted of manslaughter. In 1985 he was convicted of the rape and murder of 8-year-old girl, Shamara Whitehead in Ft. Lauderdale. It is this latter crime for which he was exonerated due to faulty eyewitness. He died in prison in 2000 from cancer shortly before this exoneration.

Frank Lee Smith had already killed 2 people!! He may very well have been innocent of the girl’s murder, as a man named Mosely was an equally viable suspect and knew the mother, and had the droopy eye. But he was known to have already killed 2 people. Some “honor” to receive a reward in his name.

I agree that single eyewitness testimony is very very dicey. But in Knox’s case, there’s so much more than one eyewitness. “Eyewitness misidentifications have contributed to 70% of the wrongful convictions later overturned by DNA evidence in the U.S.”. This is from Department of Justice press release.

DOJ press release Jan. 8, 2017, headline: DOJ recommends eyewitness ID Best Practices for all federal law enforcement

+Officer administering the identification procedure should be unaware of the identity of the suspect so that he can’t intentionally or unintentionally influence the witness

+The witness should be told that the perp may or may NOT be present in the procedure and that the investigation will continue regardless of whether the witness selects a suspect.

+Photos should resemble the witness’s description of the perp. Immediately following the procedure, the witness should be asked to describe in his or her own words how confident he is in the ID.


Knox is being billed as an exoneree for the Innocence Project gala. She is not exonerated, they use the term lightly. It’s a disservice to the people who were truly wrongly convicted and found factually innocent.

Knox was found by Supreme Court to have been on the premises of the crime, but for lack of evidence she was acquitted. She is at these events as Ergon suggests to get exposure for herself, to get a movie made about her, to learn how to get crowdfunding for her cause and to leverage her notoriety possibly for the next book, and always the hope of a wrongful conviction lawsuit of millions$$$ paid out by the State for incarcerees who did hard time but were found innocent. The dollar signs are the reason for Knox’s involvement, best guess.

The fundraiser in Tallahassee in May will bring money into the coffers to fund litigation for those possible innocents wrongly convicted.

Yes, there are people behind bars who are innocent, a dreadful situation needing remedy but Knox was not one of them, IMO.

Correction: I wrongly confused Knox’s meaning in her letter to Psychology Today.

She is reaching out to experts to help her prove that faith-based rehabilitation on prisoners is some kind of brainwashing of the vulnerable prison population.

She was not addressing the issue of coercive police interrogation.

I wrongly conflated the two. My bad.

No, now she is in defiance of any godly influence on wrongdoers. She doesn’t want any part of repentance offered to the guilty as they are “vulnerable”. She may have felt pressured by the priest at Capanne to tell the truth which now in hindsight, she is glad she didn’t.

I badly muddled the two issues because I’d been reading about the innocence projects with their big focus on how to shred or disappear the validity of a suspect’s confession, since often this is the biggest key the State has to putting a perp behind bars: his own confession.

So the defense goes for the jugular and tries to blame the police for manipulating and planting facts and twisting the words of the suspect into a false confession.

This is why Saul Kassin’s work on false confessions is so important to the cause of confessed murderers, and why he is loved by the Innocence groups.

And I do agree that bullying happens. Police are not perfect, by no means, and all interrogations once a person has moved from witness to suspect status, should be recorded in their entirety and none of it withheld from the defense nor edited.

By no means should fatigue, terror tactics, thirst, or sleep deprivation and other forms of minor physical torture be used to extract a confession.

The police should use Pressure, yes, emotional pressure, arguments from authority and integrity, from religion, from self-respect, and appeal to the good nature of the suspect if he has any. Police should use the stern eye, the body language of their own values and relentless questioning and the demand for truth, but not a confession based on desperation to leave the room.

And always the offer of a lawyer. I don’t want innocent people in prison, do you?

But it seems to me the innocence project is often grasping at straws more zealous to protect criminals instead of to realize their games.

Knox is still stung that she could not withstand her interrogation, complete with hot tea and snacks and its slow pace due to the language barrier and interpreter.

Her new beef is with the Church or even the State allowing for prisoners the vaguest reference to a “higher power” who might persuade her or them to tell the truth.

What a horrid thought to her, the truth.

She resents anything that weakens her defiance.

Lies are her only defense. Now she’s going after the Word of God and faith, not a big leap for her or far from her core attitude.

She seeks magazine psychology today experts to help her make a case that reason is endangered by being persuaded to tell the truth!

Truth is a heavenly mandate.

The irony: she was the one who claimed she couldn’t tell fact from fiction, she couldn’t recall clearly, that her memory was unreliable, that she was confused and yet she wants to lay all of her confused utterances at the foot of the police and later the priest.

But I did conflate the two issues in above comment.

There is also an Innocence Network which is separate from Florida Innocence Project. It’s a vast organization of many different innocence groups. This network may have an April meeting in Florida, I couldn’t find the exact date or location.

Knox is high profile so they use her to rake in donations for the truly innocent.

Posted by Hopeful on 03/27/17 at 05:33 PM | #

As to Knox’s unwashed underarm confessions. Where is her current boyfriend?  You know the brain dead one. Has anybody any information on him? Knox, in a weak moment of dropping her guard, would have confessed to someone. That is why Knox goes through men since as soon as they get to know the truth they drop her like a hot psycho potato.

Of course her mother always knew. Eda was always on the inside, but then it takes a so called ‘Free Spirit’ (Read slut ) to know another. But anyway, any news about boyfriend number 75?

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 03/28/17 at 02:30 AM | #

@Grahame Rhodes, I assume her current boyfriend is Chris Robinson the writer with tiger stripe beard. He is photographed in group pictures at innocence events with Knox.

Thank you for reminding us that this autumn will mark the 10th anniversary of Meredith’s death. Something about that number 10 really reinforces the gravity of this case and Meredith’s loss.

I agree with you that Edda knew Amanda was guilty, that’s why she vomited at the airport on first arriving in Germany en route to Perugia. That’s why she wasn’t completely honest on the witness stand about the important phone call Knox made in middle of night to her. Edda was protecting daughter dearest (and family honor, what little of that there was). No doubt Mom excuses her in a thousand ways, feels guilty she reared such a creature, regrets spoiling her, and assumes on the night of the killing she was intoxicated or even provoked, or following Sollecito’s lead.

I wonder whether Chris Mellas was made privy to Edda’s terrible knowledge, and what the mother daughter relationship is like today, or if Knox feels blackmailed emotionally by Mom who knows her worst secret.

Posted by Hopeful on 03/28/17 at 04:47 AM | #

Not too long ago I had a short vitriolic conversation with Steve Moore. (You will remember him of course. That’s the oh so well known Amanda Knox parasite and his lunatic wife “Easterly screams (out of tune)”. ) That’s her name by the way.

During that conversation he informed me that his “Bona Fides were well established.” Now I had never really examined what ‘bona fides’ really represented, but imagined like everyone else that it meant “conclusive”, at least from the latin phrase from which it comes.

So out of curiosity i looked it up. It means “In Good Faith”
This simple sentence applied to Steve Moore is a vast joke since his only good faith is the his selfish ends in order to protect his persona from ridicule. That and his slut of a wife. ‘Birds of a Feather’ would you say? Which is another handy dandy phrase.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 03/29/17 at 08:01 PM | #

France 2 will show a new documentary Amanda Knox, Angel or Demon? April 09 at 2300 local time

Posted by Ergon on 04/04/17 at 07:53 PM | #

Italian media reporting that Sollecito filed a civil suit against judges who denied him compensation but also seeking to expand his claim to the Perugia judges and prosecutors, (that would be Mignini), also Florence Court of Appeals(that would be Nencini)

I believe, but could not confirm, Brizioli was representing him here. While Bongiorno did file an appeal to Cassazione it seemed like a hail Mary pass. My understanding is he must exhaust all avenues before going the civil route but also that if she had argued before the Genoa court it would be in the news. It’s also such a kack minded move I wonder she’d be involved, when she just filed an appeal to Cassazione.

From this source on the legislation (English, with links to the Italian) there is rather a high standard of proof. Sollecito has to prove gross negligence or fraud, since judges carrying out their normal duties are immune. Since the Act applies only to judges, why’s he trying to rope in prosecutors as well?

Posted by Ergon on 04/14/17 at 02:26 AM | #

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