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Rudy Guede Appeal: His Story In His Own Words - Not Sounding Like The Much-Wanted Full Truth

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Translated from the Italian in Il Messaggero:

The process of second-degree [appeal] for Rudy Guede, already sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for the complicity in the murder of Meredith Kercher, commences.

The Court of Appeal of Perugia has decided to have the hearing in public court, admitting the request by the defendant. Guede has asked that the appeal process be conducted in open court “so that all may know the truth.” In attendance reporters were allowed but not photographers or TV cameras.

“I want to say to the Kercher family that I did not kill nor rape their daughter. I’m not the one who has taken her life” he said, addressing Guede’s lawyer Francesco Maresca, who represents Mez family as a civil party. “The single thing that my conscience must answer and for which no court will absolve me, is that of not having done everything possible to save the English student’s life.”

During the spontaneous statement, Guede reconstructed what happened the night of Meredith’s the murder. He explained that he had met the student on 31 October 2007during a party at a nightclub, and that he had made an appointment with her for the following evening.

“I gave her a little kiss on the cheek and then I said see you,” explained the Ivorian, telling the court that on the evening following that meeting, he entered together with Kercher in the house on Via della Pergola. “While we were at home, Meredith began to charge against Amanda (Knox, her roommate, was charged with the murder along with former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito,): “My money, my money, gone, I can not stand her any more,” said Meredith. I had an approach with Mez, but not sex.

After about fifteen minutes I went to the bathroom.

Amanda and Meredith fought. I heard the voices of Meredith and Amanda discussing money missing. I only heard “we need to talk.”  I was not worried because I thought it was just an argument between two girls who lived in the same house.

While I was in the bathroom I started to listen to music from an i-pod, but in the middle of the third song I heard a loud scream. I rushed to see what had happened and in Meredith’s room I saw a male figure.

It was a flash and this person tried to hit me. I reversed and fell down in the living room. Then I heard someone running away outside the house and said “let’s get out, there is a black man in the house”. I did not have the courage to pursue them, but looking out the window I saw the silhouette of Amanda.

I went to Meredith’s room and tried to staunch the blood that came out after being mortally wounded with a knife to the throat. Meredith was dying and sought to tell me something, I held her hand.

Then I went into a state of shock. In my head there were so many why’s unanswered. I was afraid.”

[Below: Guede lawyers Mr Gentile, left, Mr Biscotti, center, and an aide, right]

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