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Newsweek Interviews The Kercher Family Lawyer Francesco Maresca

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Click above for another fine report by Barbie Nadeau.

Ms Nadeau is one of only two Rome-based Amercan reporters (the other is Andrea Vogt, see post below) on the case. In contrast, there are half a dozen British reporters on the case, at least one (Nick Pisa for Sky News) with a cameraman, and there are rarely less than several dozen Italian reporters.

This report nicely positions where we are now in the course of the trail.

Now, 17 months after Kercher’s brutal murder, the theatrics are over. The two judges and six jurors are finally getting to the meat of the trial: the scientific evidence.

Experts say it will make all the difference in this case against 21-year-old Amanda Knox and 25-year-old Raffaele Sollecito, who stand accused of sexual assault and murder.

Francesco Maresca, the attorney representing the Kercher family, equates the prosecution’s case so far to preparing a fine meal. “Up to this point, we have seen the equivalent of the side dishes,” Maresca told NEWSWEEK in his office in Florence. “From this point we will start to see the real substance”...

With the theatrics now out of the way, this scientific evidence will finally bring the circumstances of this murder into better focus. The prosecution has always maintained that Knox, Sollecito and Guede tried to initiate a sex game that went awry.

Maresca says that while he is sure the accused did not go into Kercher’s room with the intent to kill her, there is ample evidence proving that what started as a game ended in her tragic murder.

“Kids this age are all into quick thrills,” he told NEWSWEEK. “What started as a threat or a game to scare Mez escalated to violence and ended in murder.”

We suspect that here, Mr Maresca may be reflecting what the Kerchers also think: that nobody in the world would have knowingly set out to murder someone so precious as Meredith.


Rome-based ABC News producer Ann Wise has also been filing excellent reports, and we have been linking to them too. We’re not sure (yet!) whether Ann is American or not. She runs an occasional blog on the case and Italy generally.

Apart from the reports by Andrea Vogt, Barbie Nadeau, and Ann Wise, those being read by Americans mostly come from the Italian “Associated Press girls” including Marta Falconi.

We took Marta to task for a Christmas report all about Knox and not at all about the Kerchers. Marta seems since (surely not our doing!) to have been doing some excellent and impartial reporting.

She has just filed the most in-depth description yet by a reporter of what might be going through Amanda Knox’s mind as she exudes a sunny demeanor.

There is no consistent TV reporting and CNN and the other cable news channels appear to have passed on the case. The Italian state channel RAI broadcasts Italian news daily on cable, in Italian, and the trial is given good coverage there.

It is surprising that Richard Owen of the London Times, who works for Rupert Murdoch, is not syndicated on the many Murdoch outlets in the United States. Fox News and the New York Post (and the Wall Street Journal) being the most obvious.

The New York Times claims to print all of the news. But only very rarely on this case.

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