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Meredith’s Perugia #35: A Main Draw For Her, The Exuberant Baroque And Renaissance

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Cecilia Bartoli was singing Rossinis La Danza in that top video. Its her “trademark” concert song, and audiences have lined up to hear it all over the world.

The BBC broadcast “Italy Unpacked” a 3-part series on Italian art etc etc earlier this year. The parts are too long to embed here (one hour each) but for anyone with time on their hands and/or a trip in mind, here you go:

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Ms. Artemisia Gentileschi is known not only for being an exceptional painter of the Baroque time, but because of a judicial case of sexual violence committed in 1611.

Artemisia denounced painter Agostino Tassi for rape, allegedly committed on May 1611. She filed her formal complaint to judges in Rome in 1612.

Tassi was arrested, the trial lasted seven month. He was convicted and sentenced to exile from the city. 

Artemisia had the public opinion against her, people suspected sexual intercourse was consensual because she had “talked too late” (February 1612,nine months later). So the “Tassi-supporters” put up a defamatory caimpaign against Artemisia in order to harm her crediblity. She also had “expert” doctor reports against her.   

But the judges kept on investigating for seven months. Despite the people’s rumors and the doctors reports, they believed Artemisia and convicted Tassi:

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The rape of Artemisia Gentileschi occurred when she was a 18-year old, long before she became famous as a painter.

She often portrays violence in her paintings, in particular her masterwork portrays the killing of Olopherne by the hand of Judith.

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Thanks for these videos.

Beautiful landscapes and art in the BBC Italy Unpacked series. I’ve almost finished Part 1.

A word of warning to anyone who loves their food and drink - the cuisine on display will have you rushing to the kitchen to see what pale imitation you can rustle up!

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Fascinating about Ms Artemesia…very accomplished painter, it would seem, and prolific too.
And that human nature but repeats itself! Thank you Yummi, and main posters, for this.

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Fly like a raven, black honey into the night
Soft like the air beneath, a swan in her flight
Then return back home to bed
And bring the dancing stars
Sleep and dream of a white wolf howling
And know that I am near

Shhhh, close your eyes, don’t ask why,
Let’s dream, together, you and I
Oh, close your eyes, we will fly,
Dreaming,together, you and I

The moon has sailed in a silver gown of stars
That’s long, but not forever
Soon her love will rise as mine
And sing to the shadows

Tomorrow we shall rise with the dawn
Kiss the flowers and bloom
But, now, lie still as the wind and listen
For I will come to you the footsteps of morning

Shhhh, close your eyes, don’t ask why,
Let’s dream, together, you and I
Oh, close your eyes, we can fly
Dreaming, together you and I
Dream, dream, dream, dream…

Dedicated to Meredith Kercher,

Posted by True North on 12/09/13 at 11:11 PM | #

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