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Meredith’s Perugia #18-B: That Weekend Destination Meredith Might Have Loved, Here At Night

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A mere four or five hours from Perugia, and another of those wonderful destinations in Italy that foreigners are so quick to make their own. Posted previously in daylight. 

Italy surely leads the world now, with France a close second, in the quality and the extent of its amazing urban floodlighting.  As usual, click for the larger images.

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one of the most romantic cities on earth. thx peter.

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Venice reminds me of “Don’t Look Now,” a 1973 thriller that starred Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland. It was filmed there. It left a real creepy impression on me for years. So I watched it again a few days ago after seeing Peter’s photos of Venice at night. I was shocked that the main character was cut in the throat. I had a strange feeling in Venice when I later traveled there, because of that movie.

On the other hand, I overheard something said on our tour bus that I sensed was important. We had stopped at St. Mark’s Square, filled with pigeons. A girl was telling her friend about the danger of pigeons, some disease they carry.  Later in the U.S., I was involved in a church where a young boy was dying mysteriously of a disease that perplexed the doctors. They had almost given up on him.

One day a visitor to the child’s hospital room wore a baseball cap. It had a logo on it that showed the family business of raising pigeons. Nathan, the sick little boy, had fed the birds and cleaned their cages. His doctors saw the hat and realized he had the bird-borne illness. They cured him immediately.

The lacemakers of Venice had some gorgeous items for sale.

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