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Meredith’s Perugia #17: Another Spectacular Coast That Meredith Might Have Loved

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Meredith could easily have reached here by car down the autostrada in three or four hours.

This is the Amalfi coast. Again a very beautiful place that many foreigners in Italy hit in a hurry.

It is the south shore of the peninsula across the bay from Naples - in effect, it has its back to Naples. At the end of the peninsula is Sorrento, and just out to sea beyond is the Isle of Capri.

Improbably, there are towns all the way along. More improbably, there is a two-lane highway all the way along too, very high up on the side of the hill - you can see one shot of it below.

And even more improbably, full-sized buses and coaches head along that road. Mostly they are easy to squeeze past, but periodically in tight places, negotiations have to take place.

Quite often with considerable humor. Italy is never ever short of friendly smiles and laughs. Perhaps one reason Meredith was so attracted. .

These are the previous posts in this series. Many peoples’ favorite.

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The Amalfi coast is breathtaking! These are excellent scenes. I wish Meredith could have enjoyed Italy’s beauty. The Amalfi coast is famous in artwork.

Posted by Hopeful on 10/04/09 at 10:56 PM | #

Hopeful, that’s true. And as you will know, the Amalfi coast is great for huge yellow lemons as well. A lot of lemons annually disappear into a liqueur that is widely sipped nightly in southern Italy.

Meredith had a great life figured out - her father said in June that she was thinking of working in Brussels, in the international arena, as an alternative to being a teacher. She and we were deprived of A LOT.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/05/09 at 04:08 PM | #

what absolutely beautiful scenery!  i would think that meredith’s parents, if spending time here, would feel close to meredith knowing how much her spirit would fit here!

Posted by gramjan on 10/05/09 at 06:07 PM | #

Mimi,  I am so sorry you faced terror and a mean-spirited attack by Catholic schoolgirls in the basement. As a Christian, I apologize to you for their bad behavior. Zeal without love, zeal without knowledge, are dangerous. I hope you were not scarred beyond your ability to recover 100%.

I love the Lord Jesus Christ and believe in all his teachings. He wants us to walk in love toward all men. It’s very difficult for me.

I think Amanda did attend the West Seattle prep school for rigorous academics, maybe even more than for its religious content. She is very ruffled if police call her “stupid”. She is arrogant and prides herself on intellect. I think she’s a compulsive liar, the police got it correct.

I think Amanda’s a “Stranger in Two Worlds”, unsure of who she is, fragmented. I think she acted like a Nazi toward poor Meredith. She fled Germany the minute her uncle got her a good job there, rushing to Italy. Yet I think she dislikes Chris Mellas’s dark looks & his role in her life. Maybe she equates that with Meredith’s mixed racial features.

Competition academically, envy at the Erasmus program, jealousy over Patrick’s preference for Meredith’s work, the job loss, financial pressures, longing for the love Meredith had for her mother, wishing for brothers, wanting to show off to Raffaele, undergoing PMS, and dozens of factors led to Amanda’s final fury and Meredith’s end. It’s all so sad.

Posted by Hopeful on 10/07/09 at 02:22 AM | #

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