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Commemorating Meredith: Not Only Qualities Lost, Forty Years Of Achievements Too

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All YouTube versions exceed 25m views; the most-watched operatic duet

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What beautiful songbirds! The Flower Duet, gentle but energizing. The words of the song are poetic. The ladies in silver and red are wearing the most gorgeous necklaces. Music is great, the orchestra behind them, the grand auditorium, all the well dressed quiet respectful people, heavenly.

From that sublime world of talent and grace, much like Meredith would have appreciated, now to the ridiculous:

I was researching the Jens Soering and Elizabeth Haysom case, and stumbled onto the fact that Knox had interviewed detectives on her True Crime podcast who worked on the case.

The culprits Jens and Elizabeth were behind bars for about 30 years but in November 2019 won their freedom. They are now out on parole, turned over to ICE to be deported to their respective countries: Germany in Jens’ case and Canada for Elizabeth.

She was born in Rhodesia, her family left there, and her dad an engineer ran a steel company in Canada. Her mom was from famous families of Virginia, related to the Astors.

Their daughter killed them both or caused lover boy to kill them despite their being generous to her and giving her the finest education. She was diagnosed as borderline schizoid but with brains and language skills and music skills, multi talented and quite beautiful. She mesmerized men and women alike, was into drama and theater.

The Haysom-Soering case is discussed by Knox on a Truth about True Crime podcast titled “Killing for Love”. Jens claimed he killed for love, for Elizabeth his first flame who consumed him with a desire to please her.

Jens confessed to the murders to spare Elizabeth the electric chair, he explained, believing he had diplomatic immunity through his father who was a German diplomat, and believing he would be tried in Germany as a juvenile and at most serve 10 years, with early release in five. HE said he was willing to do this to prevent Elizabeth from getting death penalty in U.S. prison.

A few years later when none of that plan worked out, he was extradited back to the U.S. for trial and jail time. Then he changed his tune and said he had lied to save Elizabeth but that she was the one who did the actual murders while he stayed in Washington D.C. buying movie tickets and ordering room service for two and establishing an alibi so that she could drive the rental car back to Boonsboro, Virginia to do the slaying.

The fact that Elizabeth was a pathological liar doesn’t help clarify which of the two nutters did what, but she did confess guilt as accessory before the fact and never changed that story.

Jens told many different stories over time. First Jens confessed to half a dozen people in England and Germany that he had killed her parents, then later when Elizabeth turned her back on him he recanted all of his previous confessions claiming they were a pack of lies which he gave police as part of an agreed upon script where he would be Macbeth to save his lady.

You’ll find echoes of the twists and international complications of the Knox-Sollecito case.  Knox on the podcast frequently chimes in words to the effect “just like in my case”, “my prosecutor resorted to psychics”, “I’m not trying to put the knife into her hand (Elizabeth Haysom’s), but…”

The site that denies Jens’ “lies” is:

The site says:

What Amanda Knox reveals throughout the podcast is a persistent lack of concern for the facts and the evidence in her presentation. Following the lead of her interviewees, she twists and turns like an Olympic gymnast on meth in a desperate attempt to exculpate a guilty man (Jens Soering), thereby hoping to turn an accessory, Elizabeth Haysom, into a principal.

And while she is not alone in her mission, it nevertheless demonstrates the moral and ethical morass into which she has fallen. As a former student of Italian she might even be aware of Dante’s Eight Circle, “Malebolge,” possibly.

Ultimately the pernicious rubbish here (in Knox’s podcast) will do nothing to help Soering’s cause although his more distant rabid German apologists take delight in quoting from Knox’s podcast. However, whether they’re really the kind of fans she would want is more debatable.

She has become somewhat of a beacon for all the (admittedly few) German nationalists chanelling the spirit of Julius Streicher, people who appear on the scene like vultures gleefully feeding on the corpses of the dead. To have attracted such followers might be seen as the law of unintended consequences in action.

Jens has been released on parole but the governor of Virginia refused to pardon him. Jens stripped his father of wealth to pay for his 24-karat gold defense team.

Behind bars he converted from Buddhism to Roman Catholicism, has written about his faith. Elizabeth Haysom became a Christian and taught advanced science and math classes to inmates.

They were both incredibly gifted intellectually (far beyond Sollecito and Knox’s minor intellects) before their folie a deux. However, IMO Elizabeth was a born criminal, rebel and freak and Jens was a facile liar deceiving himself completely as her first victim.

In his lust for her fake love and attention he overlooked a dozen flaws in his sweetheart. She used and subverted him. He was cannon fodder for her personal war, just as Sollecito was eager to lose himself in “love” with Knox, only to wake up and smell the coffee too late.

Jens while helping his lover while they were on the run resorted to forgeries and every form of white collar deception when the duo first fled the U.S., first using his dad’s VISA card and traveling as far as Thailand where he was born, through Yugoslavia, Italy, on to Singapore, back to Austria and Germany, forging or buying false passports and papers to enter England.

There they began a fugitive lifestyle stealing from bank after bank.

They used a bad check writing scam, kiting checks then returning merchandise to Marks & Spencer stores for quick cash. An alert store detective called in police and nabbed them on sidewalk of an M&S. Police searched their rooms and found tremendous amounts of letters and journals which revealed the two were wanted for crimes in Virginia.

The element of obsessive writing and journaling is a flashback to Knox. Once Jens for a creative writing class wrote a script based on killing people with poison from the skin of fish or frogs.

Elizabeth had attended expensive Swiss boarding schools and grand schools in England. She had turned down a scholarship to Cambridge—preferred to play the fool and disappoint her parents. She roamed the Continent with a pervert lying and stealing and claimed she had to resort to prostitution at times. She told outlandish lies about her “adventures”, she loved duper’s delight. She was a showoff risk taker trying to impress and shock, an alcohol and drug user who had used heroin. The dumb Jens didn’t realize what heroin use meant, he was truly a doofus. Ah, the naivete of youth!

She was a born troublemaker who in court told the most horrific lies about her own mother to justify the plot of cutting her throat and her father’s throat.

Proud as Lucifer, even her latter day apologies and confessions of remorse ring a bit stilted IMO, although she does seem to truly regret having hurt her extended family who (in pride, family solidarity and naive blindness it seems much like Uncle Joe and the Sollecito family who went into denial) these loving relatives came to her defense despite her misdeeds. That humbled her.

Whether she held the knife or Jens did, who knows, but the court in Virginia decided it was Jens.

They’re both in their mid-50s now upon parole release. Wasted lives, destroyers of their own innocent families.

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Hi, Hopeful

Thanks very much for your post and these links.

The author is Holdsworth85 and his/her site is well worth reading. He certainly seems to know his stuff.

He hasn’t, to my knowledge, written on the Knox-Sollecito matter, but he clearly has little to no respect for Knox and the people who have put together and contributed to the true crime podcast. Scathing in fact.

Since, here, we know our stuff about the Meredith Kercher murder, we can also see truly jaw dropping parallels and links, on so many levels, between the two cases, particularly as to the two sets of perps, but also as to the innocence projects and hangers-on.

Knox, as the presenter, ploughs blithely on, regardless. Does it not occur to her that anyone interested enough to watch the podcast might be interested enough to turn to other sources for a more balanced and comparative take on both cases? The danger of unintended consequence. Or is there a part of her that wants this?

I can see a long post on the subject, but where to start and does one have the time?

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Happy Birthday, Meredith! Today December 28 is the Feast of the Holy Innocents. They were the children in Bethlehem murdered by King Herod in his attempt to wipe out the infant Lord Jesus Christ. Many hundreds of them, all made martyrs by the church. A very auspicious day of grace and innocence overcoming tragedy.

@James Raper, thank you for embedding link to Soering and Haysom case, also your insightful comments on the echoes of the Knox case in it. It’s the Knox case on steroids, a caricature of the Knox case drawn bigger and clearer. I think there are valuable truths to be gained from it.

“unintended consequences”, that’s one thing that dogs all our lives! As you hint, maybe Knox maybe any of us, we secretly see ahead to the outcome of our acts and unconsciously attract these “unintended” consequences into our lives?

As Peter Quennell says, “Follow the money” when analyzing Knox’s behavior and schemes. Too right. His understanding of her as a new puppet on the Innocence Show cleared it up for me beautifully: that her attachment to the thugs of the Innocence Project is her paying back her own debt to IP, and also her leap to a new cash cow in being their poster child and spokesperson. She hops on yet another bandwagon of lies and hairsplitting and deception.

And with unintended consequences, she places a new chain around herself.  Perhaps she is now a slave to these loonies since she wanted to play the loony.

It’s just horrible to think of all the money spent on U.S. courts and to lawyers and the long man hours wasted by honest police and decent investigators to put these sick felons behind bars to make us safe, only to have latter day nitpickers like Hampikian and Innocence Project warriors aiming to virtue signal who come along and force a difficult and belated rehash of all the evidence in an effort to free these monsters, when their main motive is the lawsuit $$ against the poor overworked State for wrongful incarceration.

Of course I say this assuming the prosecution case was sound, thorough, and the conviction more than reasonable. The headmaster who taught my son in a small Christian school warned us that it’s better for a hundred guilty men to go free than to incarcerate one innocent man. He said that will destroy faith in the justice system. 

I wouldn’t want a truly innocent person to spend one day of prison time.

The Innocence Project is not as innocent as it sounds in its deleterious long range effect of overturning the little justice we do manage to achieve at great heartache and expense here in the USA.

Happy Birthday, Meredith Kercher, you sweet one who brought light to the world and love and sincere smiles.

You will always be young and beautiful in the world’s memory.

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Thanks for the link to Holdsworth85’s review! So nice to read such common sense.
And as the author says, ‘that she ignores all the evidence says a lot about her character.

Posted by DavidB on 12/29/19 at 04:20 PM | #

Hi DavidB, Hopeful, James:

This was our first shot at a “Hall of Fame” of career reporters and book writers, to be reposted soon on a Hall Of Fame page.

I guess we really should have a list there for honest bloggers, one for honest YouTubers, and maybe one for honest tweeters?

The forthcoming “Hall of Shame” page could have 10 times the entries - with an option to recant and get removed from there. 😊

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Rain and snow alternating here. Blame that for two rabbit holes I disappeared down in recent days. They may relate to the case in this way: a certain fork had to be taken time and time again to arrive at a particular outcome.

Quick example: Knox’s fractious parents, Knox shunned in schooldays, Knox unchained at Washington University, Knox not an exchange student, Knox saving only enough for 3-4 months in Italy, Knox getting no work permit and being employed illegally, Knox not enrolling at the main university, Knox ending up in that room in that house, Knox on easy drugs, Knox encountering knife-fetishist Sollecito… Feel free to add to it.


Rabbit hole (1): all the myriad forks leading to Handel composing the Messiah.

America’s BBC (PBS) showed a 90-minute report on Handel’s arc resulting in his writing of the Messiah and how after some tirades it came to be accepted as the music most played ever since.

Handel had to be born in Germany, of a father then over 60, had to have his mother secretly buy him a piano, had to have a local count hear his organ playing (at age 11) and sponsor him, had to learn baroque music and Italian in his 4 years in Italy, had to find cities & audiences back in Germany smallish, had to move to London for more business, had to be a favorite of the German-born kings then, had to see his Italian operas fading, had to have an avid Christian come up with the idea of the Messiah and the libretto (phrases all lifted from the bible), had to encounter a certain high-profile contralto, had to fall dangerously ill, had to get fired up enough to write the music for all singers and players in 3 weeks (at age 56), had to find a crazy-keen first audience for it - in Dublin, had to be rebuffed initially in London, and had to be championed years later by the passionate founder of a hospital for babies of unmarried mothers (eventually 25,000 of them).

Otherwise? No Messiah. The most performed music ever.

Rabbit hole (2): All the forks in the road to arrive at a “fine-tuned universe”.

This did not GUARANTEE life anywhere, but did make it possible somewhere. And so, via all of these throws of the dice we all are.

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A quick note on Anna Netrebko, the singer in silver in the YouTube, before the post scrolls down.

1. She sure can act. She’s a performer. People just cannot take their eyes off her. Take a look at her here - where she is being defiant of death, by TB.

2. Via global simulcasts of her operas the Metropolitan Opera has become financially secure in a way most opera and ballet companies can only dream of - another opera company in the next theater at Lincoln Center collapsed a while back.

3. Here are some reasons why she now lives mainly in NYC (I doubt looking at me across the river is one of them!).

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/30/19 at 05:11 PM | #

Raffaele announces his engagement to Andreea Miheala Burtea, on December 30, 2019 by Instagram. Pix of the couple, Raffaele age 35 and Miss Burtea age 22 who is originally from Timisoara, Romania showed the happy couple in the Chamois ski resort in Italy, captioned with “my bride to be”.

Other pix on his Instagram include the duo in the sunshine of Venice, the snowy mountains of Bormio in the Italian Alps and in her hometown of Timisoara, Romania.

It’s said she met Sollecito when her professor at the Erasmus project in Spain told her to research the Amanda Knox case. Sollecito once said the murder of Meredith Kercher “was a tragedy that has destroyed my life.”

The Italian magazine reporting on the engagement announcement was “Donna Glamour”. The story was picked up by Daily Mail online.

Miss Burmea is very lovely and has long dark brown hair and smooth fair skin, with what appear on my computer screen to be expressive wide-set brown eyes.  She is 13 years Sollecito’s junior.

Sollecito wears a warm knit hat and sunglasses at the ski resort.

Posted by Hopeful on 12/31/19 at 02:29 AM | #

Happy New Year!
2020.  A year when clarity and clear vision comes…
I can but hope!  ;->

Posted by DavidB on 12/31/19 at 01:49 PM | #

If you haven’t seen the CBS series, Scandal Made Me Famous, featuring an episode on AK, then I suggest you don’t waste your time. It will only infuriate you such is its utter disregard for facts. It is probably the most pathetic, partisan and ill researched piece of drivel I have ever seen.

Posted by pensky on 01/02/20 at 03:49 PM | #

@pensky. No doubt. However, I’ll probably get lured into the CBS thing. Thanks for the warning. The National Enquirer is probably more accurate.

The U.S. scandal sheet ENQUIRER really fried Knox when she started writing her ‘advice’ column. One of their 2019 stories was “Amanda Knox—The Cocaine Cover Up That Put Her in Jail.”

It said, “Highly placed Italian insiders told The ENQUIRER that Guede had met with another drug dealer outside of Meredith’s house the night of the murder.”

The ENQUIRER requested Knox’s bank statements, said she spent only $638 in Seattle in July 2007 before going to Europe in August.

Then her spending skyrocketed to $2,765.33 in August. In September she withdrew $2452.60 from European ATMs. In October she took out $1,637.25 and both she and Raf admitted smoking marijuana on night of murder. Her contact with a drug dealer was on her phone.

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