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New $160 Million Washington Museum Astonishing On Vast War Between Fake News And Hard Facts Video by Agence France Presse. The old Washington DC spy museum was a dusty predictable place with smallish crowds. The ultra-modern “International Spy Museum” (called that because the focus is worldwide) opened two months ago, and is already one of DC’s biggest magnets for museum crowds. It has leapfrogged such… Peter Quennell 08/21/19 6 08/24/19
Knox’s Italy Catastrophe #3: How Knox Lied About Media - Which Long Lied Profusely For Her Long post. Click here to go straight to Comments.  1. How Knox Demonizes “The Media” Here we go again, with three pro-Knox lackeys of the US and UK media. Click for Post: Amanda Knox blasts media coverage of trial Click for Post: Knox accuses media of depicting her falsely as… Peter Quennell 08/08/19 7 08/21/19
test of new channel Peter Quennell 08/08/19 0
Knox’s Italy Catastrophe #1: Explaining Her Very Telling Non-Mention Of Sollecito Knox in 2009 seeking to warm up a cold-shouldering Sollecito; see Part 4 Long Post. Click here to go straight to Comments 1. Negative Swing In Italian Public Opinion Reports we are getting suggest that Knox herself has turned more millions against her. Not surprising. We need to understand (as… Peter Quennell 06/18/19 12 06/21/19
The Italian Venue (Really) Where Knox Will Feature On A Media Panel Next Week   Really? Here? Behind those garbage skips?! We had to laugh. This really is the main entrance to the Open Laboratory space in Modena which that northern city now makes available for happening events. The image below shows the main interior. It looks rather prison-like, to us appropriately so. Here… Peter Quennell 06/04/19 3 06/07/19
Finally!! Netflix Is To Lionize Someone In Its “True Crime” Reports Who DIDNT Kill A Woman Netflix spent big on tainted reports about woman-killers Steven Avery, Adnan Syed and Amanda Knox. The first two still remain in prison, despite those reports, and many more are finally seeing guilt in Knox. Now Netflix has bought the rights to an expose of Russian-born Anna Sorokin, a mere fake… Peter Quennell 04/26/19 7 05/10/19
If You Are Going To Offshore A Fraud, Maybe It’d Be Smart To Not Pick Italy Scarlet curve BT stock, purple curve Dow stockmarket index When BREXIT Arrives… The UK is going to need a few world-beating companies. Relentless prods by Italy suggest British Telecom is not one of them. Back in the day, BT was perhaps the world’s most revered national telephone provider. It fielded… Peter Quennell 04/23/19 5 04/29/19
The Numerous Little Italys Throughout North America - Check These Out Peter Quennell 04/12/19 3 04/20/19
Italy May Block Brexit Extension, Force UK Out Of EC Altogether March 29 Sardinia will lose a lot of trade In The News Italy may block the extension of the UK Brexit negotiations. That would cause the UK to crash out on 29 March. Spain, France and Belgium are also said to be taking a hard line. In economic terms this does not… Peter Quennell 03/21/19 15 04/01/19
Watch This “I’m The Victim” Interview Of A Few Days Ago In Full Amanda Knox Mode TV actor Jussie Smollett makes everything up, in blazing victimhood. Today, he was arrested, for stage-managing a fake hate-crime in Chicago three weeks ago. Numerous show-biz celebrities and politicians of all parties had come out in support of him. Resolving what actually happened in this volatile atmosphere has occupied a… Peter Quennell 02/22/19 8 03/28/19
Migration To Quality Media Continues - Away From Bottom-Feeders Hosting Knox   Demonization Enablers Truth-telling media such as the New York Times have seen a sizeable readership influx. Meanwhile the tabloid bottom-feeders gasp for air. Brooklyn’s VICE Media is one of those badly hit. Staff layoffs are as the video describes. VICE gave Knox a platform just under a year ago,… Peter Quennell 02/01/19 2 02/07/19
Major Anti-Mafia Success In Italy Is Making Skilled Italian Police In Demand Elsewhere   Gamechanger The mafias really are gone from the United States and Canada, and in Italy it is mostly likewise. So the mafias have been moving elsewhere - the UK, Germany, Netherlands, especially Malta - and Italian police are being invited to spearhead huge sweeps against them. Hundreds of special… Peter Quennell 01/22/19 1 01/22/19
Our First 30 Netflixhoax Posts: Do You Notice An Ominous Trend?!   1. Netflix’s Two Trends In recent weeks Netflix stock has headed down. This is more than just the malaise of the market, fewer new viewers are signing up. The other trend may be obvious to you in the list of posts below. In “Amanda Knox” Netflix sure lied by… Peter Quennell 01/07/19 1 01/08/19
Today All Political Factions May Lurch US Justice One Big Step Toward Successful Italian Model   Culinary school inside a modern Italian prison Overview Justice reform was a popular issue in the national elections last month. Vox’s German Lopez describes the first step the US Senate will vote on today.  Who Is Affected The bill, known as the First Step Act, would take modest steps… Peter Quennell 12/17/18 4 12/20/18
Italy-India Relations Are Back To Being Very Close With The Tanker Incident Smartly Resolved.   Public Accord For obvious reasons we’ve always had and appreciated a loyal readership in India. Italy-India relations became fraught for several years after 2012 when marines on an Italian tanker off the southwest coast shot at and killed two Indian fishermen thinking they were pirates making moves to board.… Peter Quennell 12/03/18 7 12/17/18
Murder Rate In Baltimore, St Louis, New Orleans, Detroit, Etc, over FIFTY TIMES Murder Rate In Italy   Polar Opposites Murder rates have actually been trending down a bit in the US. But you are still around fifty times more likely to be murdered in several dozen US cities than in any city in Europe, where the average is down around 1 in 100,000 now. And with… Peter Quennell 11/15/18 12 11/26/18
Most Popular Least Controversial Issue In US Elections? Surprise, Surprise: Justice Reform   1. Chronic Reform Problem Worldwide First, consider Italy. Compared to most countries, Italy is far down the road in terms of effective policing, courts and rehabilitation. Its crime rate is comparatively low. But its relatively minor need to speed up the court system is hampered because the parties in… Peter Quennell 11/05/18 2 11/07/18
Humanity Of Italian Courts Suddenly The Subject Of Worldwide News Stories   Gilberto Baschiera (above) was a bank manager in Forni di Sopra (below), a small town between the Dolomites and the Austrian Alps. He was recently labeled an Italian Robin Hood and widely admired in Italy and elsewhere for assisting impoverished customers to get loans - by topping up their… Peter Quennell 10/15/18 7 10/24/18
Another Attempt By An Outside Body To Interfere With Italian Justice While Far Short On Hard Facts Finding of CIA operatives guilt nearly 9 years ago. 1. The Abu Omar/CIA Case There’s a strange twist in a US/Italy case we check out now and then. The case was the kidnapping of a radical Abu Omar (real name Nasr) by CIA operatives in Milan in 2003. He was… Peter Quennell 08/16/18 1 09/08/18
Kidnapper Of UK Model In Italy Gets 16 Years, His Claims “It Was A Hoax” Don’t Sway Italians Prosecution recording of re-enactment entered into evidence More hoaxes bite dust in Italy Kidnapper Lukasz Herba’s intent according to model Chloe Ayling was to auction her for $300,000. He claimed otherwise, and that she was complicit. Numerous English-language YouTubes probably not watched much in Italy (see one below) attempted to… Peter Quennell 08/12/18 3 08/16/18
Two More Shockers The Pro-Knox Trashers Of Italian Justice Prefer That You Don’t Know   Most are not even charged - where have you heard that before?!  Shocker One: Too Many Women Worldwide, female inmates have increased 600% in thirty years. Who leads that growth? The United States. As for Italy there’s hardly been any growth at all (even despite this) and the total… Peter Quennell 07/24/18 25 08/12/18
How With Myriad False Claims Steve Moore Pushes To Forefront Of Pro-Knox Crackpots   Steve Moore 1. Steve Moore’s Interrogation Hoax You can see proofs of mafia poodle Steve Moore’s multiple misstatements of the case in Part 2 below. What Moore is really, really short on is hard proofs. Instead he makes things up. No court has ever sided with him. Not even… Peter Quennell 06/15/18 16 06/26/18
Yet Another American Black-Box Jury Makes People Wonder “What DID Go On Inside?”   1. Italian v Common-Law Juries We have posted previously that, as is not the case in Italy, in the US jury trials are becoming rare. Unlike in Italy prosecutors can bargain and as there is usually a lot more stick than carrot and a crapshoot as the alternative a… Peter Quennell 06/05/18 5 06/14/18
Curt Knox PR Manager David Marriott’s Legacy; Did He On Balance Help Or Hurt AK?   A shrill Knox on ABC’s Good Morning America 1. What Ticks Off Knox Most? In a single line the Seattle PI reports that Knox PR heavy David Marriott has passed on. How has he left Knox? People are remarking that she is increasingly shrill. On YouTube now there is… Peter Quennell 05/06/18 15 05/10/18
Innocence Project: Seven Years Clutching Knox And Trashing Italian Justice To Joy Of Mafias #3   Knox enablers Jason Flom, Barry Scheck, Greg Hampikian (Click here to go straight to Comments. Long post.)  1. What Hampikian Omits In Misleading The American Audience (1) Think of the evidence in the case as a giant jigsaw puzzle. Say it consists of 1000 pieces. We at TJMK and… Peter Quennell 04/02/18 8 04/06/18
Netflixhoax 30: Omitted - Epidemic Of Hazing Deaths In United States No Different From Meredith’s   These hazing deaths in the videos are among many in the United States news these days. Hazing deaths and bullying deaths and school shootings and teenage suicides (44 hundred a year, often caused by cyber-bullying) are at all-time highs. Deaths annually are in the thousands. We first posted early… Peter Quennell 02/24/18 4 02/27/18
Another Of Many “They Really DID Do It” Cases Where Suspicions Only Grow Several dozen new videos like these have gone online in this year alone. Peter Quennell 02/05/18 24 02/15/18
“Americans Are Paying Knox $10,000 A Gig To Trash Italian Cops - Smart Move Liberating Her”   1. Americans Knox Has Hoaxed So the news is out to considerable disgust that Knox is being paid up to $10,000 a gig plus costs to lie about her case. Now she is going global on Netflix’s tail and seeks to hoax bleeding-heart Irish via another Kabuki-style paid interview.… Peter Quennell 01/31/18 18 02/08/18
Contrasting The Dishonest, Demonizing Knox With The Real Victim And Victim Advocate Elizabeth Smart   1. Amanda Knox Read here for the warnings Roanoke College management received. We are told none of that was ever shared. College management did their students no favors at all by lying by omission about Knox. College management KNEW that Knox lies on an epic scale and has no… Peter Quennell 01/26/18 17 02/04/18
Netflixhoax 28 Omitted - The Case Against RS & AK Is Actually Getting Stronger Still   Pro-Guilt Trends See the pointilist painting above? It consists entirely of dots. The more dots, the more it makes sense. Justice can take its sweet time. But the global trend is for it to win out in the end. There is actually a huge industry that does what we… Peter Quennell 11/29/17 2 12/02/17
Smoking Gun Links Is There A Smoking Gun? Sure there is. Many of them. See these posts below. There are dozens of points there for which Knox, Sollecito and defense forces have zero innocent explanation still. The Prosecution case in 2009 was devastating, and the only jury ever to hear the entire case… Peter Quennell 11/28/17 0
TJMK Italiano: Importanti Rapporti Omicidio Meredith: Enorme Lista Di Prova Della Colpevolezza Dell’omicidio Il libro disonesto di Raffaele Sollecito che attacca molte persone Il libro disonesto di Amanda Knox che attacca molte persone I libri di Amanda Knox e di Raffaele Sollecito sotto processo in Italia Dott Marasca e Dott Bruno: Perche’ le vostre… Peter Quennell 11/10/17 0
Sollecito Has Some Company: Another Mafia Relative Broke And Begging… Good Luck With That   Anthony Ciavarello with his wife, the daughter of Toto Riina How very touching…. Son-in-law of Italy’s most feared mobster reduced to begging for money on Facebook… “Hello everyone. Unfortunately, I need to ask for help to those who know me” Ciavarello said in a Facebook post that linked to… Peter Quennell 10/30/17 8 11/19/17
Excellent Series By Doug Poppa On How Weak Systems Failed Las Vegas In Mass Shooting   Please click here. If that link works for you, you should be seeing in real time as they go online all the media reports of the mass shooting in Las Vegas on October 1st. Scroll down and see how many (if any) analyze which Vegas police and casino security… Peter Quennell 10/25/17 8 10/30/17
Omicidio Meredith: Enorme Lista Di Prova Della Colpevolezza Dell’omicidio Importante: Il giudice Marasca e il giudice Bruno della Cassazione hanno disonestamente ignorato la maggior parte di queste prove e poi hanno mentito sul fatto che non c’erano prove sufficienti Sommario Lista delle prove e delle note in relazione all’aggressione sessuale e all’omicidio di Meredith Kercher, novembre 2007, Perugia, Italia.… Peter Quennell 09/07/17 0
Being Reported: Significant Developments In The Sollecito Crime Family   1. The Sollecitos And The Rizutto Crime Family That photo above was taken in a Montreal court in January of 2016. Rocco’s son Stefano was being charged with a number of crimes, and Rocco was there to manage and observe. Five months later, Rocco was dead, gunned down by… Peter Quennell 09/07/17 8 01/28/18
Where Should You Have Invested This Year? The US Or Italy?   Where should you have put your nestegg at the start of this year for maximum gains? Sorry to those who picked the US (and Trumponomics). (1) The chart above shows a bundle of Italian stocks (EWI) against a bundle of US stocks (DOW). As of today US stocks have… Peter Quennell 07/26/17 3 08/18/17
LIES Fred Davies http://www.internationalskeptics.com/forums/showthread.php?p=10736073 From Post #2563 MichaelB: That FG Davies barrister guy who has been writing the “Brutal Killing of Meredith Kercher” essays has turned out to be a real idiot. He started off great rubbishing Massei and then went downhill around Part 13. He’s written quite a few times the break-in… Peter Quennell 07/21/17 0
Cassation re 530 & 628 1. Se il fatto non sussiste [541 2, 542], se l’imputato non lo ha commesso [541 2, 542], se il fatto non costituisce reato o non è previsto dalla legge come reato ovvero se il reato è stato commesso da persona non imputabile [c.p. 85] o non punibile per un’altra… Peter Quennell 07/21/17 0
Maori charges 2016 http://www.ilmessaggero.it/primopiano/cronaca/raffaele_sollecito_avvocato_sospeso-1697425.html Banned for four months from the profession because it accused of aiding and abetting against his client is accused questioned by the prosecutor of Perugia, and implemented by the investigating magistrate who issued the measure, the lawyer Luca Maori and a colleague who had joined him the proceedings. Charging… Peter Quennell 07/21/17 0
Fifth Chambers Judge Paolo Antonio Bruno Gets A Promotion - Of A Sort http://www.tempi.it/irragionevoli-elaborazioni-su-fatti-mai-verificatisi-le-motivazioni-della-condanna-di-de-magistris#.VyHw7UTOqc1 Peter Quennell 07/21/17 0
Why The Italian Court System Is Very Unlikely To Do Any Favors For Sollecito & Knox Ever Again   1. Context By any standards the ruling by the Supreme Court’s Fifth Chambers in 2015 springing RS and AK was a confusing bit of legal work. The statement from the Bench in March was unquivocal but the written report six months later was a lot less so. We have… Peter Quennell 07/05/17 3 07/08/17
Here’s Something Important That Factors Into Our Interest In Cool-Headed Rational Communities. Simple walking is rather startlingly proving to have health benefits beyond the obvious, and also major community benefits. The main new finding for important health benefits is that the balancing required in walking adds neuron capacity to the hippocampus - a hybrid brain gland which also handles key components of… Peter Quennell 07/03/17 2 07/18/17
LIES Steve Moore WHO WILL STOP THE TANKS? 08/10/2014 9 Comments WHO WILL STOP THE TANKS? Picture “Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.”—Martin Luther King, Jr. Days before the horrible shots rang out, thousands of Chinese who sought… Peter Quennell 07/02/17 0
Sollecito Loses Supreme Court Appeal Against Florence Court Ruling Refusing $0.55M Damages Claim   Our previous posts on this can be seen here and here and here. UK reporter Krissy Allen of Blasting News kindly summarises the Italian reporting. Here are some excerpts. Emphasis is added to key sentences confirming a rebuttal of Knox claiming “vindication” in the post just below and in… Peter Quennell 06/29/17 11 07/03/17
James SHOTWELL “˜Amanda Knox’ is a riveting, albeit biased true crime documentary Peter Quennell 06/02/17 0
Rosa SIMONET Feature: Monsters and the Femme fatale Peter Quennell 06/02/17 0
Chris SPARGO ‘I am a terrible monster or a regular person’ Peter Quennell 06/02/17 0
Sara STEWART “Amanda Knox”: Making a Monster Peter Quennell 06/02/17 0
Jacob STOLWORTHY Amanda Knox Netflix documentary: The journalist people are branding ‘the real villain’ Peter Quennell 06/02/17 0

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