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Netflix’s Endemic Omissions: What It Still Omits In Its Avery-Case Conspiracy Mongering   Murder Victim Teresa Halbach [Long post. Click here to go straight to Comments]  1. Summary Of The Crime Teresa Halbach’s murder took place on 31 October 2005 in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, a short distance from Lake Michigan. Teresa has been described as artistic, adventurous and open-hearted; a day-brightening presence… The Machine 11/04/18 16 11/04/18
More False Claims Of Plot To Frame “An Innocent”, Again Zero Motive Or Confirming Hard Fact   We posted on the dishonesties of Making a Murderer 1 here. Making a Murderer 2 has again brought out countless conspiracy nuts on Twitter who believe there was a dastardly plot to frame Steven Avery. I’ve repeatedly asked them to provide some exculpatory evidence that proves he is innocent… The Machine 10/26/18 3 10/29/18
How With Myriad False Claims John Douglas Pushes To Forefront Of Pro-Knox Crackpots #4   Muddled mindhunters Mark Olshaker, John Douglas, and Jim Clemente [Long post. Click here to go straight to Comments]  1. Post And Series Overview In the previous posts, I used the official court reports and court testimonies to prove John Douglas has made numerous demonstrably false claims. They addressed false… The Machine 09/10/18 6 09/18/18
How With Myriad False Claims John Douglas Pushes To Forefront Of Pro-Knox Crackpots #3   [Long post. Click here to go straight to Comments] 1. Post And Series Overview My previous posts exposed John Douglas’s misrepresenation of the Amanda Knox “interrogation” and the personas of Knox and Sollecito. This post exposes Douglas’s misrepresentation of Rudy Guede, and the next post will expose Douglas’s misrepresentation… The Machine 08/29/18 14 09/07/18
How With Myriad False Claims John Douglas Pushes To Forefront Of Pro-Knox Crackpots #2   [Long post. Click here to go straight to Comments]  1. Post & Series Overview In Part One I used the official courts reports and court testimonies to show how John Douglas made at least a dozen demonstrably false claims about Knox’s and Sollecito’s questioning on 5-6 November 2007. It… The Machine 08/22/18 7 08/27/18
How With Myriad False Claims John Douglas Pushes To Forefront Of Pro-Knox Crackpots #1   Muddled mindhunters Mark Olshaker, John Douglas, and Jim Clemente [Long post. Click here to go straight to Comments]  1. Overview Of This Series This is the first in a series on the myriad claims John Douglas has made about Meredith’s case starting early in 2013. That was from after… The Machine 08/16/18 17 08/22/18
The DNA Hoax: Ways To Rebut The Drive-By Critics Of The Case On The DNA Dimension   1. Post Overview There were two starkly contrasting takes on the DNA evidence in Italy. The zombie hoax version still somewhat persists in the US and UK. In fact, Dr Stefanoni’s team in 2007-2008 and the Carabinieri labs in 2013 did absolutely impeccable work - with defense observers always… The Machine 08/02/18 10 08/09/18
Knox & ECHR: How Abysmal Researcher Avrom Brendzel Raises False Hope In The Knox Sheep   1. The Real ECHR Context Our previous post explained Knox’s slim-to-zero chances of winning at the ECHR. Her lawyers, knowing how much and how inconsistently Knox lies, and with zero paper trail in support of her claim that she was forced to frame an innocent man, had really only… The Machine 05/30/18 11 06/05/18
Good Balanced Debate On A Controversial Case, No Too-Frequent Victim Stance For Accused Above, the trailer for the crime debate program discussed here I have previously written a post about the Adnan Syed/Hae Min Lee case and Sarah Koenig’s biased and one-sided Serial podcasts. She presented the case primarily from the defence’s perspecitve. She didn’t interview the prosecutor or any of the police… The Machine 05/02/18 9 05/05/18
Bizarrely Jubilant And Way Too Exposed Amanda Knox Again Fails Liar-Analysis Tests   Pamela Meyer, a highly respected liar spotter and fraud spotter, explains how she knows if someone is lying. TED Talks applies the telltale signs to Amanda Knox. This brilliant video needs to be promoted as much as possible on social media websites. Most people can’t be bothered to read… The Machine 03/29/18 13 04/01/18
Why Did The Mainstream Media Enable A Takeover By The Conspiracy Nuts?   How Seattle is misinformed. Exoneration? Riiiight….  Rampant Conspiracies This condemnation is written in light of the ever-growing wave of translated transcripts. They show how extremely good the investigation and case at trial really were. And how extremely wrong were too much of the press. Why did mainstream media organisations… The Machine 12/30/17 17 01/05/18
Exoneration Hoax: Why Knox Groupies Like Martha Grace Duncan Should READ The Final Report   Emory Law Dean Schapiro; Martha Grace Duncan; Harvard Law Dean Manning 1. Overview Of This Post This flows from our first post ten days ago. Martha Grace Duncan credits many dozens for their research help. Really? For precisely what? This is more about the research that Martha Grace Duncan… The Machine 12/09/17 18 12/30/17
Exposing Peter Gill #2: Nailing His “Proven Miscarriage Of Justice” False Claim   This article is the second in a series of posts about Peter Gill. The first can be read here. I want to expose some of the claims Gill noisily made only a year ago in an academic paper The Meredith Kercher case for Forensic Science Genetics: Analysis and Implications… The Machine 03/06/17 11 03/12/17
Exposing Peter Gill: An Opportunistic Expert Never At Trial and Never At Either Rome Police Lab   Peter Gill seen indoctrinating non-expert viewers on Italian TV Follow the money trail… So many of Amanda Knox’s high-profile supporters such as Frank Sforza, Candace Dempsey, Doug Preston, Bruce Fischer, Nina Burleigh and Steve Moore have something in common - they have cynically tried to make a profit from… The Machine 02/22/17 38 03/05/17
Netflixhoax 15: Omitted - Amanda Knox’s Incriminating Lies To The Police, Prosecution And Courts   In 2008 Knox lawyers publicly ask that she stop lying publicly; one resigned earlier over lies. Netflix’s Amanda Knox is an extreme example of misleading bias by cherrypicking. This post is another in our ongoing series, the mothership for material for this media-friendly page online soon.  Overview Of This… The Machine 10/28/16 11 11/05/16
How Bob Woffinden, Aggrandizing Investigative Journalist, Attempts To Perpetrate Innocence Fraud   Said to be Bob Woffinden - as a pop music reporter, some years ago 1. Woffinden and innocence fraud These days innocence fraud is a very real thing. A stern warning was issued to crime laboratory administrators that some post-conviction exonerations may have been secured by innocence activists using… The Machine 09/01/16 10 09/03/16
The West Memphis Three: Another Instance Where A Strong Pro-Guilt Case Is Being Garbled For Profit   Above: Still under a cloud: Jessie Misskelley, Jason Baldwin, and Damien Echols 1. Overview of the series In my last post on how media hype can badly tangle crime cases, I examined Sarah Koenig’s biased coverage of the Adnan Syed case for the Serial podcasts and her flawed approach… The Machine 08/25/16 19 09/03/16
Artificially Controversial Adnan Syed Case Adds To Tilt Against Victims Worldwide   Victim Hae Min Lee; bottom, podcaster Sarah Koenig basking in celebrity 1. The Media Overview Doug Preston, John Douglas, Steve Moore and Bruce Fischer are by no means the only crackpots in America perpetrating innocence fraud. Their main distinction was to perpetrate it in English against a victim and… The Machine 07/27/16 38 08/27/16
Fifty Of The Most Common Myths Still Promoted Without Restraint By The Knox PR Campaign   Fooled ya! Knox’s parents have the mythmaking machine’s pedal to the floor, and arent slowing it Introduction I’ve listed the 50 most common myths circulating in the media with regard to the Amanda Knox/Meredith Kercher case and refuted them using as far as possible the official court documents and… The Machine 06/12/14 61 06/18/14
Questions For Knox: Ten Hard Questions That Knox Should Be Asked Monday On ITV’s Daybreak   Amanda Knox will be interviewed for the first time in Britain on ITV’s Daybreak programme tomorrow. No interviewer should unquestioningly accept everything Knox says as the gospel truth. Remember Knox served three years in prison and is labeled a convicted felon for life for malicious lying. So let’s hope… The Machine 09/22/13 70 09/26/13
How Greg Hampikian Abuses Two Positions of Trust In Serially Misrepresenting The Hard Evidence   Overview Greg Hampikian holds two positions of trust: he is a teacher of biology at Boise State University in Idaho (population 1.6 million) and he is the local representative for Idaho of the Innocence Project, His use or misuse of his Innocence Project mantle via a case way outside… The Machine 08/09/13 82 04/14/14
A New DNA Analysis Strongly Implicating Sollecito Seems to Have The Defense Forces Rattled F [Above: DNA professional Professor David Balding; at bottom, DNA amateurs Barras and Halkides]  The Supreme Court has already shown strong disdain for the myriad dirty tricks of the defense forces, and legal action is building against them (see our post next week). That the defense forces in this context… The Machine 08/05/13 34 08/10/13
One Final Word On Nina Burleigh In Response To Those Still Hoaxed By Her   Actually Burleigh didnt get very much right. Many of the pro-Burleigh commenters on the Time website and also many reviewers on Amazon dont seem to realise just how hard-and-fast Burleigh played with the facts. I’ve dipped into the book and read various articles and they all stray far from… The Machine 04/01/13 2 04/04/13
Family Of Reeva Steenkamp Find A Big-Bucks PR Campaign Seeking To Drown Them Out   On Valentine’s Day, Reeva Steenkamp, a law graduate and model, was shot three times by boyfriend Oscar Pistorius while she was in the en-suite toilet. She died shortly after the emergency services arrived at the scene. There are a number of parallels between the Reeva Steenkamp case and the… The Machine 03/07/13 18 03/11/13
Disarray And Decay In The Pro-Knox Parade: Bruce Fischer’s Epidemic Of Malicious Claims   The Knox supporters’ leader-of-the-parade spirals up Back in October 2008, in our first long post ever on Meredith’s case, Skeptical Bystander highlighted the crazed pro-Knox attack sharks that were starting to appear on Candace Dempsey’s blog. Psychologists warned us that a competitive leader-of-the-parade spiral was wittingly or unwittingly being… The Machine 02/27/13 24 03/04/13
DNA Proof 40 Years After A Cowardly Murder Shuts Down A Fact-Fogging Campaign For The Murderer   [Above: the murder victim Michael Gregsten and Valerie Storie who survived]  Relevance to Meredith’s case You maybe thought journalists, politicians, human rights campaigners, lawyers, writers, filmmakers and celebrities campaigning on behalf of someone who evidence strongly suggested was guilty was peculiar to Meredith’s case? Think again. Exactly the same… The Machine 08/23/12 9 08/24/12
Ominous Development For Sollecito And Knox: A DNA Conviction Based On A Tiny Sample Of DNA   (2) Here are the implications for RS and AK It puts the 46-day delay (caused by the defenses) in retrieving the bra clasp into perspective. It’s not the first case of somebody being convicted of murder decades after the crime took place on the strength of DNA evidence. Ronald… The Machine 07/21/12 35 07/24/12
Saul Kassin: An Example Of How The Knox Campaign Is Misleading American Experts And Audiences   It has happened again and again. Seemingly good, well-qualified lawyers and experts in police science have repeatedly been made to surface to spout inanities and wrong “facts” put out courtesy of Curt Knox’s “public relations” campaign. It seems that Dr Saul Kassin is yet another of these naive dupes. … The Machine 07/10/12 41 07/18/12
A Smug Killer Who Thought Perhaps He’d Escaped Justice Was Brought Down In The UK Today   [Above and below: Arlene Fraser and husband Nat who today was again convicted for her murder]  Today at the High Court in Edinburgh Nat Fraser has been been found guilty for the second time of murdering his estranged wife Arlene in 1998. He was originally was found guilty in… The Machine 05/31/12 4 06/03/12
UK High Court Convicts Two After 18 Years When Defense DNA Contamination Claims Lose Traction   Gary Dobson and David Norris have been found guilty of murdering Stephen Lawrence in 1993 by a jury at the Old Bailey. There are some parallels between this case and the Meredith Kercher case: the police were accused of making a catalogue of errors and the defence lawyers claim… The Machine 01/03/12 35 01/07/12
A Deeply Ugly, Inaccurate And Callous Piece Of Junk By Nathaniel Rich In “Rolling Stone”   Who is Nathaniel Rich? According to Wikipedia, Nathanial Rich is an American author and essayist. He is also the son of the New York Times columnist Frank Rich, and various online commentaries about him credit that.and not talent or ethics or hard work for any success he might have… The Machine 07/03/11 58 07/06/11
It Seems Mignini Demonizer + Knox Fawner Judy Bachrach Learned Nothing In The Past Year Bachrach again. She never learns. Here is my post of a year ago showing how she misleads   Hmmm. Isn’t Mr Mignini already suing people for hurtful claims about him not unlike those made very dogmatically in the video above? And the similar hurtful claims made very dogmatically in the… The Machine 06/08/11 18 06/11/11
Beyond Massei: On The Seemingly Insuperable Mixed Blood Evidence By All The Expert Witnesses   Above: the Scientific Police headquarters and laboratories in Rome Two DNA Specks Not Everything The recent headlines have been dominated by the knife and bra-clasp evidence currently being reviewed by Stefano Conti and Carla Vecchiotti at La Sapienza University in Rome. Knox and Sollecito campaign spinners have tried to… The Machine 06/04/11 24 10/03/13
Michael Wiesner Of Hawaii: Ten Major Mistakes In His Ill-Researched And Malicious Claims [If video “disappears” because of considerable legal liabilities download this version here.]  Who is Michael Wiesner? Michael Wiesner is actually a social studies teacher at the Mid-Pacific Institute High School in Honolulu in Hawaii. Principal Grace Cruz (image at bottom here) is the supervisor of the staff of the school… The Machine 06/01/11 30 06/13/11
Questions For Knox: 15 Questions That Drew Griffin On CNN Tonight SHOULD Have Asked   Drew Griffin’s CNN report on Amanda Knox (replete with dozens of basic errors) can be read in transcript here. Welcome to migrants from CNN. If you want to form a seriously fact-based opinion, please read this group of posts and especially the one by the very smart lawyer SomeAlbi… The Machine 05/08/11 28 05/10/11
Limited Review Of The DNA Tests Agreed To By Judge Hellmann Are Now Underway In Rome   [Amended by the Machine after his posted comment.] Stefano Conti and Carla Vecchiotti of La Sapienza University in Rome (above) have begun the review of the DNA on the large double-DNA knife and the bra clasp under the eyes of expert witnesses. Dr. Patrizia Stefanoni and Professor Giuseppe Novelli… The Machine 03/22/11 26 03/28/11
The Limited DNA Reviews - Why They Probably Won’t Help Defense And May At A Stroke Be Game Over   [Above: Dr Stefanoni at trial respoding to a question from Sollecito’s defense team] Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito and their families were jubilant at Judge Claudio Pratillo Hellman’s decision to allow an independent review of some key forensic evidence. Two experts from Rome’s Sapienza University - Professor Stefano Conti… The Machine 12/20/10 19 12/24/10
More On Motive: Some Of The Cases Of “Nice” Girls Who Killed With Little Or No Motive At All   [Above: One of the Manson girls’ murder victims, Hollywood film star Sharon Tate] The conspiracy theorists trying so hard to spring Amanda Knox now have about zero credibility - because they can’t field even one good expert that any other expert respects. The various claims of their various faux… The Machine 11/26/10 23 04/09/11
Ten Examples Of How The Former Campus Cop Steve Moore Serially Mischaracterizes The Case   1. The Chronic Chest-Thumper A couple of weeks ago Steve Moore was frogmarched out of his workplace on the campus of Pepperdine University and told not to come back. Although Pepperdine apparently offered him a deal for his resignation, he refused, and so he probably departed with only the… The Machine 10/12/10 52 11/20/10
Why The Media Are Wrong To Rely On Amanda Knox’s Family For Impartial and Accurate Information   1 False claim-making endemic in support of Knox In many posts we have been addressing the myriad false claims of Knox & family that, lies that now number up in the hundreds. Here is a post listing just some of the false claims that have been made by Amanda… The Machine 08/02/10 32 09/02/10
Why UK Media Deniers Like The Independent’s Amy Jenkins Come Across As Bigoted And Nasty   “I can’t personally prove that Amanda Knox is innocent but I would bet every penny I own that she is.” Bet away, Amy Jenkins. The meme that Amanda Knox was being railroaded or framed was not too difficult to whip up in the United States. Amanda Knox was not… The Machine 06/18/10 22 06/23/10
Judy Bachrach Appears THE Most Adamant That Mr Mignini Has Somehow Hoodwinked All Of Italy   Hmmm. Isn’t Mr Mignini already suing people for hurtful claims about him not unlike those made very dogmatically in the video above? And the similar hurtful claims made very dogmatically in the two videos down below here? Certainly Mr Mignini would seem to have what you might call a… The Machine 04/15/10 12 04/22/10
Knox Groupie Nina Burleigh Posting The Nastiest And Least Accurate Reports   Nina Burleigh claims she is a careful and scholarly researcher and writer. So the absolute sloppiness and evident bias in her recent reports for Time magazine are coming as a real surprise. We found out about her intended book on the case about a year ago and emailed her… The Machine 03/29/10 13 03/11/11
CBS Producer of Most Biased Perugia-Case Reports Pleads Guilty To An Unrelated Crime   CBS 48 Hours producer Joe Halderman plead not guilty just a few months ago to a blackmail attempt against a popular late-night comedian. Yesterday, as the report above shows, Joe Halderman really changed his tune. He now pleads guilty as charged - and he is apparently very relieved to… The Machine 03/11/10 2 03/11/10
The False Accusation By Amanda Knox Against Patrick Lumumba This incisive video by our main poster ViaDellaPergola explores Amanda Knox’s accusations against Patrick Lumumba - made even though she knew very well he had then been at his bar. These accusations resulted in Patrick’s arrest and imprisonment on the morning after the night that she first voiced them. Knox… The Machine 01/07/10 10 02/05/10
Smart Lawyers Are Asking: What On Earth Possessed Lawyer John Q Kelly?   [click for larger image] Many very smart lawyers have been dropping by TJMK for over a year now to get a good take on the case. Many of them email to us, some of them post comments, and several have posted front-page posts. They appear to appreciate the dispassionate… The Machine 10/27/09 20 09/23/13
Producer Of CBS Reports On The Case “Crazy, Desperate, Stupid, And/Or Unscrupulous” ?   [click for larger image] Meet Joe Halderman. A CBS producer in New York. He now stands accused of blackmail. None of the four US networks that have attempted coverage of Meredith’s case has a good record for impartial reporting, or anything remotely like a firm grasp of the prosecution… The Machine 10/23/09 6 10/26/09
Croydon Guardian The Kerchers’ Hometown Paper Continues To Report Objectively   Click above for the factual report. The Croydon Guardian has posted way over 100 stories and regular readers will be among the best-informed in the UK. The Croydon Guardian was the first newspaper anywhere to mention True Justice For Meredith Kercher, which helped put TJMK on the map in… The Machine 10/15/09 4 10/15/09
Our Take On The Case For The Prosecution: #5 Defendants’ Claims Shown To Be A Mass Of Contradictions   [Above: Perugia’s central police station] Preamble This series is a summary of the prosecution’s case in about ten parts, with a commentary on matters of key significance. The material has been reordered so that evidence presented at several points in the trial can be described in one post here.… The Machine 10/12/09 8 10/14/09
Report By Bob Graham In The Daily Express Close To Breaking New Record For Inaccuracy   Here is a short list of the competition for most misleading reporter on the case: Peter Popham, Peter Van Sant, Simon Hattenstone, Steve Shay, Timothy Egan, Linda Byron, Candace Dempsey, and Jan Goodwin. Typically after their report they disappear, hopefully shamed into never being heard from again (Popham, Egan,… The Machine 09/16/09 10 09/23/09

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