TJMK/WIKI Masterlist Of 400 Evidence Points

Important: Bear this in mind to cut through the confusion created by three bent courts and smoke-blowing defenses and PR:

    1. There was only ONE trial, in 2009. So these evidence points were only ever presented ONCE. The guilty verdict was unanimous, though it did not have to be.

    2. The evidence was presented extremely competently by two trial prosecutors, Comodi and Mignini, with numerous witnesses and experts, some points behind closed doors. The defenses were mostly left rudderless. 

    3. The 2011 Hellman appeal by RS and AK heard zero prosecution presentations. It somehow ruled ILLEGALLY that the evidence was insufficient, and so its outcome was annulled by the Supreme Court.

    4. The 2013 Nencini repeat-appeal - not a retrial, a repeat-appeal - by RS and AK heard only a day-long SUMMARY by Prosecutor Crini, with zero witnesses or exhibits. The 2009 trial prosecutors were not there.

    5. The RS and AK appeal FAILED in a second unanimous verdict. The defenses were steamrolled. Though RS and AK remained free, their 2009 trial sentences were re-affirmed. 

    6. The routine 2014 final Supreme Court review heard a SUMMARY in only a couple of hours. Again the 2009 trial prosecutors were not there.

    7. That court also somehow ruled ILLEGALLY that there was insufficient evidence, a ruling it is not allowed to make under Italian law.

So these evidence points still stand unchallenged, and none were thrown out by any court.

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