The TJMK/Wiki Evidence Points Masterlist

This list of 400 points in 25 parts is fully documented. The 400 points derive from the 2007-08 investigation and court hearings and 2009 trial. None were discredited by the defense. Defense observers watched all the key collections and processings. Click right column link for each group.

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Area 21: Knox’s statements and lies

21-01   Knox expressed concern about the kitchen knife at Sollecito’s apartment.

21-02   Knox broke down when shown the knife drawer at the cottage.

21-03   Knox placed herself at piazza Grimana (to meet Lumumba) at around the time Curatolo saw her.

21-04   Knox placed herself at the scene of the crime after an apparent breakdown during police questioning.

21-05   Knox confessed to hearing Ms. Kercher scream.

21-06   Knox initially blamed her boss Patrick Lumumba for sexually assaulting and murdering Ms. Kercher. She stated and verified this in two different written statements she prepared for the police in the early morning of November 6th.

21-07   Knox followed up with two more “˜memorials to the police on November 6th and 7th, expressing doubts, but stating these were her “˜best truths’ and never retracting her claims.

21-08   Knox never officially retracted these statements, and she was later convicted of calumny, both at trial, during appeal and at final Cassazione ruling.